Thursday, July 15, 2004

100 Things About Me!

Well, 101, to be exact.

I thought since everone else is doing this, I'd better sit my ass down and start writing. I will update and add. Let's see how big this can get.

1. I’ve stayed in the hospital overnight 3 times in my life. One of them, I almost died. Twinkies saved my life. Ask me, and I'll tell you the story.
2. I have lived in Utah since I was born.
3. I have wanted to live somewhere else since I was 21.
4. I came out of the closet when I was 21.
5. I have had the same group of friends in my life since I was a sophomore in high school.
6. They kick ass.
7. They kick my ass on occasion.
8. I have had the same best friend since I was 14.
9. She was my Maid of Honor at my wedding.
10. I have a lot of friends.
11. Lorene says I can make friends with anyone – even someone in line at the grocery store.
12. She’s probably right.
13. I am allergic to Pennicillin. And fresh raspberries.
14. I found that out when I fell into a raspberry bush from my swing set when I was 8.
15. I love the cereal King Vitamin. And Grape Nuts. And Raisin Bran.
16. I also like Reese’s cereal, even though I don’t really like peanut butter and chocolate together.
17. I love chocolate.
18. Chocolate can cure anything. Godiva chocolate will give me an orgasm.
19. Seriously.
20. I also love coffee. And coffee with chocolate.
21. I have four cats. Three were rescues. The other is a Princess.
22. I love animals. I’m not a vegetarian, though.
23. I think you should adopt a pet once in your life that you didn’t plan on. One that otherwise might be put to death. Save a life. Spay and nueter.
24. I believe in free speech.
25. I believe in individual rights and accountability.
26. I believe in freedom of faith – or not.
27. I have had only 4 girlfriends my entire life. I married two of them.
28. I dated my first girlfriend off and on for over a year.
29. I dated my second girlfriend for 4 weeks before we moved in together and got married. My first marriage lasted 7 years.
30. I dated my third girlfriend off and on for 4 weeks.
31. She was a total flake.
32. I hooked up with Lindi at a party I was attending with my third girlfriend.
33. My third girlfriend and I broke up on Monday at 11:00 am.
34. I had a date with Lindi on Monday at noon.
35. We’ve been together ever since.
36. We waited 6 weeks to spend the night together. And 14 months before we moved in together. And 15 months before we got married.
37. I have had boyfriends.
38. I’ve had lots of boyfriends.
39. I was even engaged to a man.
40. Yes, I slept with a few men.
41. And messed around with a few more.
42. And flown a guy into town for a weekend strictly for sex.
43. No, I am not a slut.
44. My friends met him. He was a nice guy.
45. Yes, I met him on the internet.
46. Don’t fly to meet someone you’ve met on the internet just for sex. It gets complicated.
47. My favorite colors are Royal Purple, Crimson Red and Cobalt Blue.
48. My moniker CrimsonDove was given to me in 1986.
49. It was the name of my very first D&D Character.
50. I am not a geek.
51. My mother has 10 brothers and sisters she’s never met. They live all over the midwest.
52. I have sold Avon and Mary Kay.
53. I was pretty good at it. But it got boring after a while.
54. My favorite artists are Tori Amos, Sarah McLaughlin, Melissa Etheridge, Shirley Manson and Amy Lee from Evanescence.
55. I like almost any kind of music. Except twangy country.
56. I love opera and musicals.
57. I love to sing. I used to be really good at it before I had my tonsils out.
58. I had my tonsils out when I was 18. It sucked.
59. I have sang in high school musicals, college performances, a close friend’s wedding and her father’s funeral.
60. Her father really liked my voice and asked me to sing at his funeral when he found out his cancer was inoperable.
61. I sang in the Salt Lake City Masolieum, surrounded by marble walls. It echoed.
62. I was crying. And my voice cracked.
63. I haven’t sang in public since.
64. I take that back – I sang Karaoke in Phoenix.
65. I was drunk. I did receive a few compliments, however.
66. Okay, okay, I was good when I sang in Phoenix. And drunk. With my sister.
67. I have visited Boston and Seattle and had clam chowder on both coasts within 72 hours.
68. Boston clam chowder is better.
69. I love Boston. Except they drive insanely.
70. I especially love their accents. I had it after being there only 4 hours. No one could tell I wasn’t a local.
71. Except for the camera. That kinda gave it away.
72. I was very politically active in college.
73. I was an Editorial editor of my college newspaper.
74. I took my college to court for the release of crime victim information.
75. We won.
76. I have spoken on the floor of the Utah Senate.
77. I was running down the corridors between the Senate and the House when I tripped and scraped my knee pretty badly.
78. I still gave my speech without incident. With blood running down my leg from my knee injury.
79. I couldn’t walk very well for about a week.
80. I have met Bill Clinton.
81. I have a picture with Bill Clinton.
82. I really liked Bill Clinton I think he was a good President.
83. I am a Democrat. And a Virgo.
84. I love Tinkerbell. I love all faeries.
85. I collect Marilyn Monroe memorbilia.
86. I have a Marilyn Merlot.
87. It’s worth $40.
88. I have 2 tattoos: a red rose on my upper right thigh and a double heart on my upper left thigh.
89. Lindi has a matching double heart on her left arm. We got them on our honeymoon.
90. I want more tattoos. My next one will be Tinkerbell on my back.
91. I adore Angelina Jolie, Gina Gershon and Jodie Foster.
92. I would marry Angelina Jolie.
93. Or just sleep with her. Either way.
94. I have sun, moon, stars adorning my bedroom.
95. We are re-doing the bedroom in luscious shades of red.
96. I had my dream we4dding. On my perfect day. With my perfect mate.
97. I have only broken my fingers. No other bones in my body.
98. I have never had chicken pox, measles, mumps, etc. At least, until I was 31 and had to be vaccinated. Then I got the chicken pox from the vaccination.
99. I had strep-throat 19 times. That’s why I had my tonsils out.
100. I am an advocate for animal adoption and spay/neuter programs, breast cancer awareness, the homeless shelter, the battered woman’s shelter, the food bank, The Christmas Box house, Ronald McDonald house, and Equality Utah.
101. I love my job, my friends, my family and my wife very much. I am the luckiest girl in the entire world.